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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Backlit Lighting....

Pekan, here we come again!  Yes, we are in Pekan, but this entry is not about promoting Pekan nor about this month's challenge.  Today we talk about natural lighting.   Aisyah voluntarily offer herself to be the model.  We tried a few theory based on my reading and the most challenging part was to use the light before sunset as our backlight.  
**Backlight is when in relation to the photographer, the light is behind the subject, whether directly or a bit to the side. While the sun is the source of light, we’re not necessarily shooting into it. The backlight can be provided by a bright sky, a reflective wall or a window. The idea of backlit images is nothing new; it’s just that there are various ways shooting them. The most common use of backlight is in silhouettes against the rising or setting sun or a bright sky just before or after this time. Shooting these sorts of images is pretty straight forward; we have to find a “clean” background that doesn’t “blend in” with the subject and we have to shoot from a low angle i.e. get on the ground, to separate the subject from the horizon.  Alternatively, the ground can be reflective, this will also prevent the subject from “blending in”. We can experiment a little by composing in a way where the sunlight is slightly off to the side and the sun itself is excluded from the frame. No sun means no extreme, bright light. The result is - less contrast between the subject and the background and more light and detail in the foreground.**(The above notes were extracted from ebook  "Making the Most Available Light and Minimal Equipment by Mitchell Kanash Kevish).  

Enjoy my work....