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Friday, January 27, 2012

Pekan - Destinasi Pelancongan Anda

Since we are going to Pekan almost every month for the next 4 years (insyaallah), I thought it is fun if we explore Pekan in detail and share it with everyone.  Where to stay (for us, of course at Cik Yong's home sweet home!), what is their special food, places to visit and etc..
For this entry, I will start with their famous murtabak.  For outsiders, they will always look for murtabak Mekasar near to Sekolah Menengah Sains Ahmad Shah.  But if you ask local, they will refer you to murtabak Seri Kasthuri, near to DRB complex.  If you are going to Pekan town, it is on your left after DRB, after the traffic light.  The shop is facing the housing area, you won't miss it but you may need to drive slowly to spot the place.
The murtabak comes in many sizes with different price.  If I am not mistaken there are 4 sizes, Murtabak Biasa,Murtabak Special, Murtabak Daging and Murtabak Daging Special (betul ke ni?), price I lupa!.  We ordered 3 Murtabak Special and 3 Murtabak Daging Special to bring back home.
I have not tried murtabak Mekasar hence not able to compare but what I can say is murtabak Sri Kasthuri is Awesome!!! and price is reasonable...
How many star?? ****
Next visit, I will try to look for murtabak out for my next update...

Not many photos taken because we were busy eating and talking (hmm..gossiping?? ha ha ha).  With me  were Kak Zaidah, Kak Zu, Anarti and of course my beloved hubby...


p/s, Dato' Seri Najib - can I get sort off " special travel allowance" on my effort to promote your hometown!!  Anyone knows Dato' Seri, please let him know :)

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