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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Audio check...

Last Thursday, Adham went through a minor surgery on his both ears.  He has been experiencing partial hearing loss for the past one months.  We went to see ENT Specialist, Dr. Razak of DEMC and Adham has been diagnosed with glued ear problem.  According to Dr. Razak, Adham's eardrum has stuck to the hardened fluid in his inner ear.  During the surgery, Dr put 2 small tubes through his eardrum to let the fluid drain out.  This will help the eardrums to return to its original condition, insyaallah... However the procedure has little effect on him :)

Tak boleh korek telinga, korek lubang hidung Hippo plak!!!


  1. Salam Mrs Aziran...tengah buat ape? hehe..
    mekasih sudi singgah n follow dapur Rahel...pasni Rahel nak follow k? hehe..

  2. walahh..u need to mentioned the actual photgrapher for adham pics above la kak ya..haha

  3. Please check my label ya, tidak dilabel bawah category photography ye...