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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hannah Punya....

Muka Budak Comel and loyar Buruk

My youngest is already 2 plus, hmm how time flies :( Rasa macam baru je kena sorong masuk operation theatre).

Hannah, during her first few months after seeing the world. Can still remember how she suffered from Skin scalded syndrome in her first 20 days after birth. Kesian tengok, pakai pamper dok bawah UV light, dah la masa lahir tu she was only 2.7 kg. Dah lepas sakit kulit, buang air besar pulak problem, too much of antibiotic at early age sampai all good bacterias pun mati dalam perut!

Ni masa dah meniarap, sibuk baca buku...

Ni masa birthday setahun, celebrate kat rumah Tok Mi, yang menyebuk lebih tak lain tak bukan Aisyah!
2nd birthday pun celebrate kat rumah Tok Mi with cousins and aunties!!

Now, Hannah has started talking and composing short sentences, it is so cute to hear she say to me "Ma, capa tu"? when someone called me! or "ni Hanna unya!" claiming everything she likes is hers, tak kira la itu barang sapa or "jap, jap unggu Hannah, Hannah nak icut. Lepas maghrib, dengan bangga dan susah payahnya she told us she knew how to count using her hand. Both of us, hubby and myself excited tengok Hannah sebut one and showed 1 finger and after that 2 with a lot of effort showed 2 fingers!! Sampai senget mulut! Tadi tak sempat ambik gambar, tomorrow i will ask her to posing tunjuk her 2 fingers!

Sometimes rasa nak freeze time so I can really spent and enjoy watching my children grow.....

Bye for now...assalamualaikum!

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